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hit new york... and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com cool temperatures today bought 25 years ago a lot hotter. a it was the first night game at wrigley field and we had a 100 degree heat index. and then there was massive rain. everybody cut up in the stands in the fourth inning and cheered because the cool air hit. that was something look at this. this happened at 1230 in the morning a nighttime tornado that rips out of the darkness. trinity lutheran school in new london wisconsin hit by a powerful thunderstorm spirit that tornado watches ef2 later went to apple to wisconsinpleton, wisconsin. some great pictures tonight. thank-you to all our viewers for these pictures. this is a storm that hit yesterday. and the shot is the alaskan glaciers. kelly who works with united airlines sent this. one of our intern's, rebecca, sent tgave this to us m kelly. if you are firmly planted on terra firma to day, look how sharp this is spirit things dropped 20 degrees. cooler. no 90s today. ra
and 9. well, here we are... the texas ranger museum and hall of fame. cool. it was built in 1974 to commemorate excellence in law enforcement for the last 150 years. how many texas rangers have there been? oh, there's been hundreds, mike, but only 26 are honored in the texas ranger hall of fame. did you know any of them? yeah, i know one. right over here. c.d. parker, a good friend. who's the most famous? well, that's hard to say, charles. they were all great men. charles: how'd they get to be texas rangers? well, they came from all around: war veterans, army scouts, bounty hunters. in fact, some were even outlaws. really? mm-hmm. yeah, back in those days, to be a texas ranger, you had to-- ride like the wind, track like a comanche, shoot like a kentuckian, and fight like the devil. that's right, mike. well, could you tell us a story about one of them? ok. how about hayes cooper? he left a journal before he died.
of the kansas city royals and this weekend made life miserable for the texas rangers who are battling for the playoffs. a weird start today...mark patent kicked out as he gave the umps the lineup card... talk about a short day.. the sox led two nothing for john danks....when jeff bakers sends a drive to right in the 4th....avisail garcia bangs into the wall trying to make the catch.... but it was gone for a two run shot ti tie the game..garcia escorted off the field...but he was said to be okay..not a major
for immediate action jump in interest of that is not turn out well. texas placed in very difficult situations. can result of those getting drawn into a very expensive difficult and costly interventions that actually breed more resentment. it is not expect syria to corporate. he also said that under international law the united states cannot attack syria with the un mandate. >> from a psychiatrist is charged with opening fire. the jury began deliberations >> the 911 dispatcher lan server corporatlan server call. even offered to walk and talk with him to surrender. >> she is a true hero >> laden lunch break we're using a >> laden lunch break we're u[ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in c
extraordinary. that is not uncommon in texas to have long strings of warm weather. this has been persistent heat. for us we are in the sun and watching this field of cumulus clouds. those are the ones that might produce scattered thunderstorms. look at this we have had 2.96 in. of rain since july. the normal is quite a bit more than that. this ranks among the driest 27% all year since july 1st to occur here in 142 years of data. only 64% of average. that is why we have been hearing from folks that it is a little bit dry. rainfall projections but is around half an inch. the amounts never fall evenly. that is assault normal amount of rent. and this summer that has also been a little cooler than average. 6.7 degrees cooler than last summer. only 7¢ a degree below the historic average for summer. it has been a near normal for summer. it seems cool. june july and august have all shown slight deficits. normal highs in the low 80s. these are the 24-hour temperature increases. you could see the wind blowing lightly from the west about single digit philosophies. we will have the pollen count for you. th
in kansas city. the sox called up second baseman leury garcia, acquired from texas in the alex rios deal. the sox got down 3-0 but they tied it up. josh phegley with the fortunate bounce off the a long day at wrigley field: a two-hour rain delay taxing attention spans.. and then, extra innings, thanks to...donnie murphy....who tied it with this two-run blast off stephen strasburg with two outs in the 9th. the cubs had trailed 4-0 in the 8th inning. the go-ahead run...a lot less dramatic.......a little dribbler off the bat of former cub chad tracy scoring denard span....and the nationals win it in 13.......5-4. the cubs went 2-8 on the homestand. suspended slugger ryan braun has finally admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs. in a statement....braun said he took banned substances while rehabbing an injury...and the brewers outfielder has apologized. the blackhawks have come to terms with their first round pick...forward tayvo terra- vinen...on a three-year deal. finally, to the barclays golf tournament in new jersey...scott brown on the 16th hole....and his drive is a little bit off
choked... and kinsler got the inside the park homer... texas leads 10-4 in the 9th... before the game aj and alex talked about their return to chicago. sot i have nothing but great feelings for the fans and the organization. i'm miss the city, the people and the energy but i am happy in dallas and arlington and it was a fun ride. being on the other side is a little weird but for myself it is a good thing. it is something i never experienced before, and it has been great so far. the cubs just underway in san diego and they have begun the game wiht a bang... they already led 1-nothing in the first when nate shierholtz rips one off edinson volquez... a three run shot... his third homer of the week... the cubs lead 6-nothing in the 2nd... an historic night for the chicago sky...they took on the new york liberty needing a win to make the playoffs for the first time...and they got it...ellena della don the jumper...and he also gets fouled....the sky goes on to celebrate their first post season in franchise history...they beat new york....82-64... the chicago fire battling sporting kc....in bri
brought real people to the texas desert to find out. it's just nice. very crisp. cool and fresh. that's what i was thinking! fresh. that's exactly what i was thinking. yeah. fresh. fresh. like i could definitely wrap myself in it. odors are no match for the febreze car vent clip. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. >> the farmers know him like an old friend... agribusiness people also know who "the big-o" is... >> and that's wgn radio's orion samuelson who, for decades, is, and has been, a vital voice on the airwaves, and who was honored today at the illinois state fair. wgn's marcus leshock was also in springfield for orion's special day. >> it was another lively day at the illinois state fair, an annual tradition stands 1853. >> and started as a way to celebrate agriculture and we still use one of the most important things about agriculture. we also have carnival rides, concerts', and other activities. >> last year, over 900,000 people came out for a lot of entertainment. today, it was all about the big o. >
cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york... and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop for no one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. the forceful illinois speaker of the house publicly weighs-in today on several major issues dogging him: accusations of patronage demands, a legal fight over paychecks, and his daughter's decision not to run for governor. wgn's julian crews spoke with madigan. lisa and i had spoken about that on several occasions and she knew very well that i did not plan to retire. mike madigan said he his daughter knew he was not going anywhere which sheds a curious light on her decision not to run
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9